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The Sam Wallace Fit Method

You want to have better sex without feeling the need to hide your body. You want to feel confident taking your shirt off at the pool or finally wearing that little black dress. You want to show your kids that their health is important. You want to feel confident in your career both physically and mentally. You want to be present in the moments that mean the most to you without feeling like you’re getting in your own way.

You don’t want to feel out of control, guilty, or emotionally controlled by everything you eat. We understand that fitness is unique to you because your body and life are, your training and nutrition should be too. We understand the frustration and fear that accompany starting a fitness journey. We also understand that looking good and feeling better isn’t the total reason you’re here.

We understand because our clients and ourselves were once just like you. If You’re looking for a permanent solution and an end to the vicious cycle once and for all. Then you’re in the right place. This is the Sam Wallace Fit Method.

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Fitness is not a one size fits all

Your body and life is unique to you, your training and nutrition regimen should be also. We understand the frustration and fear that accompany starting a fitness journey, we also understand that looking good and feeling better isn’t the only reason you’re here.

Our clients, like ourselves, were once just like you. If you’re looking for a permanent solution and an end to the vicious cycle once and for all then you’re in the right place. This is the Sam Wallace Fit Method.


You’ve probably “tried it all” pulling your carbs, restricting all of the foods you love, saying no to dinners out, and even purging all of the food from your pantry, fridge, and freezer. You’ve probably had the “We are eating healthy!” talk with your spouse, family, and friends more times than you can count. Only to find yourself back to binging on the foods you restricted and falling victim to the foods you’ve deemed “bad”. You probably feel really out of control with your food creating a guilt and remorse cycle that leaves you feeling frustrated and defeated time and time again.

We understand because not only have we been there personally, but our clients have been there also. Maybe you’re here because you’re looking to gain more knowledge on how to eat for your body and goals, build a healthier relationship with food, or maybe you just have no idea where to even start. If this is you then you’re in the right place. We aim to bring more of the foods you love, sustainability, and enjoyment to eating back into your life. Nutrition is hard and we understand that. Let us help you make it a little easier.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss can feel like a never ending journey. You’ve probably tried to do it on your own and have been unsuccessful in maintaining your results long term. You’ve probably tried Keto and felt restricted in your nutrition and were daydreaming of your favorite carbs, only to gain the weight you lost back rapidly in what seemed to be twice as fast. Maybe you’ve tried other fad diets or really expensive supplements that you were sold from your friend at Arbonne or Isagenix , Herbalife or the random guy at the supplement store that said “Have you tried this?”. You’ve probably spent hours doing endless amounts of cardio, wandering a gym feeling lost or intimidated by the people and machines doubting if weight loss is even really possible or worth it for you.

You want your life back and you want to feel like yourself in your skin again, only better. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life running on this hamster wheel. We get that and if this sounds like you then you’re in the right place. Weight loss shouldn’t be hard. It should be enjoyable and complimentary to your life. You should enjoy the foods you love and live a life that brings you joy. Fitness and nutrition should be here to

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Muscle Building

Building muscle can feel daunting. You either fear increasing muscle mass because you don’t want to look “big and bulky” or you do want to build muscle so you can look “strong” and “shredded”. Either way you want the harder fuller look than you currently have and we get that. Muscle building phases of fitness journey’s can seem intimidating and even far out of reach for the thinnest of individuals. But there is a lot to love about muscle building phases that doesn’t get enough credit. Who doesn’t want to be told to pick up heavy things and given the opportunity to eat more carbs. This is a carb lover's dream training phase. But like you, we know it’s not that simple either.

It’s no secret that adding lean muscle mass to your physique increases performance, strength, and helps with better metabolic function. But you want the confidence of taking your shirt off at a pool and you want to show off the legs and glutes you’re about to build. (we don’t skip leg days on this team sorry gentlemen). Maybe you don’t want to feel like the smallest one in the room, or you want to tighten and sculpt areas that make you feel insecure. No matter why you’re drawn to making a change we are here to bridge the gap.

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Individualized Training App

Training that compliments your goals and integrates with your life. Remote online training allows you to take your workouts with you wherever you go. On your schedule and your time. With a custom program curated to your body's needs, limitations, and physical goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete you’ll find our personalized training app to be very user friendly. Workouts are a breeze to follow no matter your level of experience. There is a video demonstration for each exercise attached with the ability for you to track your weekly personal records. We take care of your sets and reps and all of the behind the scenes so you can focus on your training without the guesswork. Modifications for exercises are made for each individual client based on injuries and limitations with our certified personal trainers.

Nutrition is the core of what we do and our personalized training app integration makes your nutrition experience that much more hands-on of an approach with our team of coaches and registered dietitians. We are able to see your daily eating habits, weekly trends, and help you make adjustments / better decision making in your day to day eating through our personalized training app nutrition tracking integration.

Track your measurements, pictures, and weight all in one place through our personalized training app. See your trending progress throughout your journey.

1:1 accountability from our team of coaches to help you every step of the way. Our coaches have the ability to see your daily workouts, nutrition, and weekly check ins so we can best assist our clients with transparency, accountability, adjustments as needed, and guidance so you can continue tracking forward in your goals.


If you have ever wanted to make a lifestyle change and nothing has worked and you struggle with your weight and loving your body there is no one else in the world I would recommend more. This process has been amazing but also very challenging at times and Sam has been there every step of the way for the ups, downs, wins, and losses. There is no doubt in my mind that without Sam there is no way I would have made it this far and absolutely no way I would ever have my shirt off in public. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do every day.

— Austyn F. Gilbert, AZ

Sam has been the biggest blessing in my life. I’ve been working with her for a little over a month, and she has genuinely changed my mental and physical health in a way I never thought someone could. She has pushed me to be the absolute best version of myself. She has changed the way I think of food, myself, and how I view my body every day. She has never taken away the food I enjoy, but She makes my food plans based on what I’m craving and makes them healthy. I appreciate her and I’m super blessed to have someone like her on my side! I highly suggest working with Sam you won’t regret it!

— Jamie S. San Diego, CA

Sam helped me transform myself in such a positive way that has given me so many more benefits than just the physical aspect. I have gained so much confidence in and out of the gym. I am proud of myself, I push myself on my hard days and don’t let myself slack. Sam has helped me to create a healthy lifestyle instead of just a diet. Anytime I needed a pick me up, Sam was right there pushing me forward and getting excited with me when I made progress. She seriously is my cheerleader and it makes me so happy to have her support.

— Natalee B. Gilbert, AZ

Sam Wallace has literally transformed my life with her phenomenal expertise in fitness and nutritional coaching. Sam is not just a coach, she is a counselor or as I like to call her, my therapist. Sam has a talent for helping you to dive deep into your innermost strengths, weaknesses, emotional food triggers, and personal goals. The aspect that helped me the most to stay focused and motivated is that Sam was there for me every step of the way, day or night she was there for questions, advice, and she was there to cheer me on throughout every challenge or success on a daily basis. Whatever a person's fitness, health, or weight loss goals are, I highly recommend that Sam is the Best in the industry!!”

— Lisa W. Walnut Creek, CA

Prior to working with Sam, I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, including fad diets. Nothing worked. In fact, I was gaining weight. I was tired and exhausted and didn’t feel like I was ever going to get anywhere with my weight loss. I told myself enough was ENOUGH! I was skeptical at first about the program and how everything worked, but as I continued through, I realized this was EXACTLY what my body needed! Sam set up a program specifically for me and within days I had seen an improvement! Sam is AMAZING! After working with Sam, all I can say is WOW! In the 90 days of working with Sam, I not only gained incredible knowledge about my body and how it works but also lost 25 pounds! I have so much more energy and my body feels so much better!

— Kirsten M. Longmont, CO

Working with Sam has genuinely changed my life. I am a mother of two young kids, and my number one goal was to just get into shape so I could keep up with my kids. I have a few health problems that make it hard for me to navigate "eating healthy". Sam is able to create my meal plans keeping my health problems in mind as well as recommending some all-natural supplements that could help. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition that after just one month of following my meal plans, taking my supplements, and doing my workouts, my symptoms were under control and I feel like I have more of my life back.

— Michelle D. East Mesa, AZ

I’d love to invite you to allow yourself to have a different experience with your health and fitness journey.

Imagine what your journey could look like if you took yourself out of the box of unrealistic expectations of what you should be doing, where you think you’re supposed to be, and beating yourself up through out the entire journey for “getting it wrong” or “not doing it right.”

First thing, who said there’s a right or wrong way to do it?

Second, what would that experience look like if you simply just showed up one day at a time and allowed yourself to just have an experience of joy, integrity, and choice.

If you are constantly approaching your health journey as a chore. You are going to have an experience of it being a chore or grueling process. Mmm, ew. Who wants to live like that?

What if you chose to have an experiencing of GETTING to have a better day, getting to feel better in your body, getting to feel confident in your decision making, and getting to workout so you feel accomplished, and getting to choose foods that make you feel whole.

What would your experience look like then?

We are our toughest critics. That is a fact. But the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over again expecting a different result.

Anyone can follow a training or nutrition plan and find results or success. That’s just the blue print.

But if you really want to have a lifelong sustainability journey of success and alignment with in your body, mind, self, and life.

We have to change the mentality / perspective of how we are showing up for ourselves.

If you’re ready to change that, then shoot me a dm. “LFG” and let’s start looking at what that experience will look like for you. 3 client spots left for May.

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Let’s chat weight loss. We have had a huge influx of applicants this month of individuals who are ready to start honing in on their health and fitness 🙌🏻

I love it! But one of the common trends we have been seeing is unrealistic weight loss expectations around time frames of wanting to lose X lbs.

I felt this was a great time to educate those struggling through Weightloss of what a healthy weight loss journey can look like that is SUSTAINABLE.

A few things we will never recommend to our clients:

❌Crash dieting
❌Losing 30lbs in 30 days
❌Restriction or over training
❌Gear or unnecessary supplements

We help lifestyle clients find lifestyle sustainability.

What we will recommend for weight loss for our lifestyle clients:

✅ .5 - 2lbs a week of weight loss is sustainable. We aim for 1lb a week. Even if you have a week tracking in at .5 that is still movement in the right direction. Don’t get discouraged. If you want to lose 50lbs at a lb a week you’re looking at 50 weeks. That’s not accounting for life happening and having some speed bumps along the way.

✅Consistency is everything. You have to stay consistent. It’s a day in day out practice not a show up only when I feel like it and then wonder why I’m not seeing consistent forward progress.

✅Create a balanced regimen of what you enjoy eating and can stick to.

✅Be kind. We are human. Stay out of the perfectionism mindset and focus on the full 360 picture. What are you doing today that you wouldn’t have done before? Are lifestyle habits changing? Are you creating a better relationship with your mind, body, food, and self? Are you breaking restriction or binge eating patterns? Are you actually enjoying your process?

Health looks different for everyone and our ideas of what health needs to be for us as individuals varies. Find what you need and want it to look like for you!

Also - obsessed with my new spring suit from Acacia. I’m literally obsessed, but I wouldn’t have been 5 years ago because of unrealistic body expectations. What a life that wasn’t ❤️

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Can you point me to Hana?

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